11th February 2009

Charles Walker leads a debate calling for Government and society in general to address the culture of prejudice towards to those suffering with mental illness.

13th January 2009

Charles welcomes Government plans to help low income families save but says more needs to be done for all savers.

12th January 2009

Charles supports the right of those suffering mental health problems to receive the very best advocacy if they face having their liberties restricted.

17th December 2008

Charles Walker welcomes moves to put the Bank of England back at the centre of regulation but raises concerns about an increased role for the FSA.

4th December 2008

Charles Walker condemns the erosion of our basic freedoms and traditions highlighting restrictions on free speech, removal of trial by jury in some cases and the diminishing role of Parliament with less time to debate new Bills.

5th November 2008

Charles Walker calls for a time limit on receipt of benefits to tackle the problem of professional claimants.