3rd November 2008

Charles Walker welcomes the Bill which would enable money from unused accounts to be given to good causes. Whilst applauding the motivation behind it, he stresses the importance of getting the detail right and welcomes the three year Parliamentary review.

30th October 2008

Charles Walker calls on the banks to keep interest rates down for small businesses.

30th October 2008

Charles Walker praises the impartiality of the civil service but raises his concerns that the perception of impartiality is damaged by the practice of civil servants clapping in a new Secretary of State for the benefit of TV cameras.

21st October 2008

Charles Walker condemns the Prime Minister’s mismanagement of the economy over the past 11 years which will result in people losing their homes and jobs and taxpayers having to foot the £500 billion cost of rescuing the banking system.

15th October 2008

As Parliament debates a motion to raise £42 billion, Charles Walker voices his concerns that sooner or later the taxpayer will have to pay for it and that the burden will fall unfairly on those least able to pay.

14th October 2008

Charles Walker highlights the collective failure of the regulatory and banking sectors in the run up to the current financial crisis and calls for more robust regulation of banks at every level.