Parliamentary Debate

Managed Migration

During a debate on the points-based system for managed migration, Charles Walker questions why Scotland should have greater problems attracting people than the rest of the UK. [read more] about Managed Migration

Mental Health Services in Herts

Charles Walker calls for a debate into the future funding of mental health services in Hertfordshire. [read more] about Mental Health Services in Herts

Occupational Pensions

Charles Walker: "the Government's stewardship of our pensions over the past nine years has been...a complete and utter disaster". [read more] about Occupational Pensions

Tackling Health Inequalities

During a debate in the House of Commons, Charles Walker calls for more Government support for mental health charities. [read more] about Tackling Health Inequalities

Government's 10-year Transport Plan

During a debate on the Government's Transport Plan, Charles Walker calls for extra capacity on the Broxbourne to Cheshunt line. [read more] about Government's 10-year Transport Plan