Parliamentary Debate


In the debate on Fisheries, Charles Walker asks for an update on the status of commercial sand eel fisheries. [read more] about Fisheries

Pensions Commission Report

During a debate on the Pensions Commission Report, Charles Walker asks the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions whether pensioners would be better off with the compounded £60 billion to £70 billion removed by the Chancellor's tax on pensions. [read more] about Pensions Commission Report

"Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Bill

During the debate on the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Bill, Charles Walker raises a constituency issue regarding Chinese students at the University of Hertfordshire. [read more] about "Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Bill

Public Order (Bars and Clubs)

Charles Walker calls for the resignation of the Government ministers responsible for the new Licensing Act if its implementation does not reduce alcohol-related crime. [read more] about Public Order (Bars and Clubs)

Public Order (Bars and Clubs)

During a debate to promote the use of plastic bottles in late-night bars and clubs, Charles Walker raises his concerns that glass can be just as lethal as knives. [read more] about Public Order (Bars and Clubs)