Parliamentary Debate

Chase Farm A & E

Charles Walker takes the opportunity of a debate on the future business of the house to raise the issue of the closure of Chase Farm accident and emergency service and invite the Health Secretary to visit Cheshunt and Waltham Cross to explain herself. [read more] about Chase Farm A & E

Civil Aviation Bill

Charles Walker raises his constituents' concerns about the expansion of Stansted. [read more] about Civil Aviation Bill


Charles Walker notes that bombers regularly target Iraqis as they queue to apply for a job. He asks the Defence Secretary what measures are being taken to protect these potential job applicants. [read more] about Iraq

London Olympics Bill

Charles Walker welcomes the Olympics - especially the canoeing to Broxbourne - but raises his concerns that the event could by hijacked by corporate hospitality and prevent local people from enjoying the events. [read more] about London Olympics Bill

Crossrail Bill

Charles Walker expresses his concerns over the financing and environmental impact of the Crossrail project. [read more] about Crossrail Bill