Violent Crime

Charles Walker asks the Home Secretary about the Government's strategy for dealing with street gangs and diverting young people from gang membership.

Mr. Charles Walker (Broxbourne) (Con): What strategy does the Secretary of State have for dealing with street gangs and, as importantly, for diverting young people from gang membership?

Jacqui Smith
: We have developed that strategy through the tackling gangs action programme, which I mentioned in my first answer; through tough enforcement; through using surveillance to identify those who are engaged in gangs, and working with them to encourage them out of that lifestyle; through working alongside community organisations to prevent people from getting into gangs in the first place; and through taking action both at local level and internationally, particularly to prevent the supply of guns in those areas. In addition to some of the very good work happening in those areas, we have, as I said in my original answer, already made progress in reducing the number of gun-related injuries. Because of that success, I have allocated a further £1 million to continue our work, particularly in the areas where gang-related violence is most serious.

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